You + me + the stars

Imagine your most perfect vision. Imagine you could have the power to create it right now. From exactly where you are. Imagine you could live a life driven by your guts, with no doubts and your power from within in your hand. 

We (you + me) can make it happen. 


Are you ready to shine and leave the mecanism of mediocrity behind ?


My coaching tastes like the subtle magic of Marina's "Froot" and Beyoncé's "Formation". A powerful shift, the strength you gain when you own and get to know each part of you. 

I want you to know that anyhting is possible and you can achieve whatever you want. I will be there supporting you, guiding you, and also pushing you : this is the perfect equation that will bring your dreams in the material realms. I will be there cheering you up as you you embody your own truth. 


Life pack

For all questions related to your personal mindset, your relationship with money, your love life, or even the way you manage your time. 

3 sessions for €750. We can couture it up on demand.

Business pack

You are an entrepreneur and/or an artist and you want to align your being and energy to you levels of ambition ? 

You want to live a business life that is entirely built from what you have in your guts ?

6 one-hour sessions you can spread over 3 months for €1800.

Diamond pack

Limitless text and audio message coaching and feedback via WhatsApp during the whole coaching. I will fill your voice with funny GIF, emoji spells to enhance your power and actions plans to help you conquere the world.

One-hour coaching sessions based at a pace that we define together over the duration of the coaching.

Couture coaching : tailored pricing (on demand).