Vanessa C. SOPHIE, coach

Imagine your most perfect vision. Imagine you could have the power to create it right now. From exactly where you are. Imagine you could live a life driven by your guts, with no doubts and your power from within in your hand. We (you + me) can make it happen. 


Are you ready to shine and leave the mecanism that makes you small behind ?


My coaching tastes like the subtle magic of Marina's "Froot" and Beyoncé's "Formation". A powerful shift, the strength you gain when you own and get to know each part of you. 

I want you to know that anyhting is possible and you can achieve whatever you want. I will be there supporting you, guiding you, and also pushing you, holding for you the mirror that will show you your shadow : this is the perfect equation that will bring your dreams in the material realms. I will be there cheering you up as you you embody your own truth. 


Crystal clear 💎

Unlocking session.

I guide you to unlock your energetic, creative, spiritual potential. So you can shine bright and do your magic. 

One session, one hour, one subject. €200

I mainly use coaching and tarot during this one-shot session.

Conquer the world 🚀

You are an entrepreneur and/or an artist and you want to align your being and energy to you levels of ambition ? 

You want to live a business life that is entirely built from what you have in your guts ?

3-month to 6-month coaching.

Starting pack : 3 months for €1800.